Release window or update for Third Edition


I’m a huge fan of your products and most of my knowledge in iOS dev started and continues to be from your products. I read a few months back through newsletters and forum discussions that the next edition of SwitfUI by Tutorials will be including more complex things and 'm guessing it would also be up to date with iOS 14, but I haven’t heard or seen any news for quite a while.

So I guess my question is if there’s an expected window of time when we can expected to hear more info on the Third Edition or maybe even a release.

Note: I’ve also read about a SwiftUI Apprentice that’s in the works, any time we can expect any info on that as well?

Hi @jarettz, thanks for writing in!

Yes, we are currently hard at work on the update to SwiftUI by Tutorials. It’s taking longer than usual this time because we’re doing a pretty significant upgrade and wanted to take our time to get it right. The good news is all chapters except 3 are done writing, and the rest of the chapters are in various stages of editing. We don’t publicly give an ETA as sometimes things go slower than expected, but hopefully that gives you some insight into where we’re at.

And yes, we hare also working on a brand new book the SwiftUI Apprentice, which is more oriented toward complete beginners to iOS development. For that book, 9/21 chapters are done writing, so it will probably come out after the update to SwiftUI by Tutorials.

Both the update to SwiftUI by Tutorials and the new SwiftUI Apprentice will be included in your subscription, along with many other projects we’re cooking up behind the scenes. :]

I hope that helps!

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Sounds great! Appreciate the update and I can’t wait to get my hands on them next year.

I hope you won’t repeat the same projects over and over. The reason why I bought this book is that I really enjoyed reading 2D Apple Games by Tutorials and 3D Apple Games by Tutorials. They are fun to read because they show us what you can do with SpriteKit and SceneKit with various types of projects. The big turn-off of this book is that you go back to the same color game project, which you have used somewhere else, over the first four chapters (except Ch. 1). You then use the same Kuchi project over the next several chapters. I’m sorry to say, but this book is quite boring to read.