Refactor Tab View to Storyboard in Xcode for MacOS apps?

Your IOS tutorials talk about “Refactor to Storyboard” in IOS apps but not in MacOS apps. Yours and other tutorials talk about refactoring Tab Bar view controllers. I’m trying to find out if Refactor to Storyboard works for Tab View controllers in MacOS. I want to split each tab of the tab view to a separate storyboard, then use storyboard references to call them. (My tabs have gotten very big and so the storyboard files are slow.) The Refactor seems to take all the tabs to a new storyboard, which is not helpful. If I try to copy/paste the views for each tab and refactor them, the bindings are lost.

Do any of your tutorials cover this? If not is it something you would like to tackle?


Hi @rsworden59,
The basic problem or difference between the Mac apps and iOS apps is the tech called cocoa binding. So when you cut/paste in a Mac app, these are not carried over. Similar to in certain cases in iOS storyboard, where the connections could be connected to wrong or non-existent outlets when you copy/paste.

I cannot recollect a tutorial or video off the top of my head on this specific topic. However you can look into these

Note: even though the text in the link reads iOS10, the article is updated from iOS11.



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