Redundant bindings "insight" in chapter 15 with xcode 12 beta

If you run the Chapter 15 final project with the Xcode 12 beta (tried it with 5 and 6, at least), and then capture a GPU frame, you get an “insight” on the summary page that says there are 48 redundant buffer bindings.

When I dug into my project that was forked from Chapter 15, I found that there was one redundant biding per buffer per model after the first, plus forty-some redundant bindings for the vertex buffer. (Or rather, it says for buffer “0”, which I’m assuming is the vertex buffer but it is weird that it refers to the other buffers by their hexadecimal ID, so maybe my assumption that it’s the vertex buffer is wrong …)

I’ve opened some Apple projects and they also get redundant binding messages, although I don’t think on the same order of quantities, and I find them all a bit hard to parse because Objective C looks like a dial-up modem sounds, to me.

Of course, Xcode 11 doesn’t have any such messages. I’ve been unable to figure it out. Let me know if anyone has any thoughts/ideas. I’m up to 30000+ redundant bindings in my project :confused:

Ugh. I haven’t had time to explore that in Xcode 12 yet. Maybe further along the line the betas will deal with it.

Seems to not be happening with the release version of 12. :slight_smile:

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