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Realm Tutorial

Learn about Realm, a mobile database framework on iOS. In this Realm tutorial, you'll build out a map-based app and learn how to create your data models, perform queries, fetch results, and update and delete records.

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Thank you for providing such a wonderful Realm Tutorial! I read it carefully and really learned lots of thing. However, as Swift 2.2 has come out, the starter project canโ€™t compile and many codes are outdated. Could you please update the starter project code so it can compile correctly under Swift 2.2?

Dear Bill, Thanks a lot for this tutorial.

I am using Xcode 8 with ios 10 and it appears that the starter project is not compiling.
Is there a chance that you update this tutorial ? I am learning to implement exactly this feature but I am blocked by the not compiling lines.

Thanks in advance,



Thank you for the tutorial! Wanted to share a useful Realm library that my mobile development team built up simply to facilitate programming on Android. Itโ€™s free and everyone could get most of it. The link is here: Realm Browser for Android | SCAND. To read the expertise on how we built it you may here: Advantages of Realm Browser for Android | SCAND Blog Cheers!

Thank you for the tutorial!
While implementing swipe-to-delete feature Iโ€™m facing the following problem:
When I delete the item, the last item from the array occupies its place.

So for example I have the array [1,2,3,4,5]. After deletion of 2 (index 1) the array in the database looks this [1,5,3,4]. But table view displays everything correct [1,3,4,5]. Why is it so?

Below if the function implementation:
override func tableView(tableView: UITableView, commitEditingStyle editingStyle: UITableViewCellEditingStyle, forRowAtIndexPath indexPath: NSIndexPath) {
if editingStyle == .Delete {
try! realm.write {
let itemToDelete = items[indexPath.row]
tableView.deleteRowsAtIndexPaths([indexPath], withRowAnimation: .Top)

Iโ€™d really appreciate your help!

Hi. How create diffrent storages for local and serverโ€™s realm?