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Hi Folks,

I really like what you all have created here. I want to build a very simple master-detail app with a list of simple topics, and then up to ten detail items for each topic. This is all static text, no editing or adding/deleting records. A reference app, if you would. I’m looking for a good tutorial series that shows me how to add the data array so that each topic has it’s own details. Yes, I’m new to all this, but have created simple apps for Windows 10, Windows Phone and Android.

I also want the details view to allow the cells to grow dynamically to contain the various amounts of text in each of the detail items. Additionally, I want a split-view so when the phone is in landscape, the topics and details will be in the same view.

I want to learn how to do this, not just copy what someone else has done. Please point me to tutorials here that will teach me what I need to create this specific application, and I’ll gladly subscribe and get to work. I’m using XCode 9.3.1 and Swift 4.1


@dmiannay Thanks very much for your question!

The first thing I would say is to learn UITableViews. This is the foundation of most apps, so I would advise you to focus on this first. We have a specific, detailed, video course on this topic. You can find it here.

Besides this, there are other, written tutorials on the site that you can find by simply searching. After going through the above course, you should have a solid foundation to get started on your project :slight_smile:

I hope this helps!

All the best!

Great suggestion, Syed. I’ll check it out.


@dmiannay No problem! I’m happy to help! :slight_smile:

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