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Raywenderlich.com Abandoning Swift

I have an important announcement - starting today forward, raywenderlich.com is abandoning Swift, and going back to our roots of Objective-C!

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What’s your experience with Objective-C?

  • Obj-C since iOS 5 and still using it jeje
  • Multiple apps for enterprises (bank, cars, pharmaceutical, etc…)

What part of Swift sucks the most? (It’s OK if you can’t narrow it down to just one)

  • As a whole… that moment when you open a swift project after a swift - xcode update and you have infinite warnings and errors…
  • Choosing beetwen structs… enums… classes… I am thankful for the latest tutorial on that topic by the way.

Do you agree facial hair should be limited to eyebrows?

  • Full beard and mustache is cool

  • Only mustache… you are a hipster

  • This would actually be cool, have both Obj-C and Swift and it was posted a day prior to 1st of April jajaja

*swift kiddie intensifies *

What’s your experience with ObjectMultiple

I wrote most of the logic of a Nasa mission computer in objective-c

What part of Swift sucks the most? (It’s OK if you can’t narrow it down to just on

I hate it because when I open xcode it never say me “good morning Paolo”
Also after I close the playground I have to tidy up the room and all the toys scattered around!

Do you agree facial hair should be limited to eyebrows?

Yes but I want world at peace so they should be rainbow colored


Ps happy 1 April :grin::grin:
BTW I hate you because I really hoped you were back to obj-c

you should be punished for this one… :unamused:
a.k.a. I hate this day :yum: :grin:

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Ray I’m very happy with this news. But you have to prove that tis isn’t April1 joke.

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Should scrap iOS and go Android 100% :grin:

I have it from reputable sources that Apple is also dropping Swift and moving over to Lisp.

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Impossible, Raywenderlich always been on latest technology, no matter how difficult it is.
Let’s make it easy, a big April fool.

And I was just about to cancel my subscription

I would actually be really glad if this was true… I love Objective-C !

I couldn’t stop laughing reading this.
Happy April Fools’ Day!

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April foooooooooooool

Checks the date*

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Happy April fools day!!! lmao

OMG The main reason why i joined RW was to learn/practice Swift coding. I’ll have to cancel my subscription…
Any tips on good Swift tutorial sites? Going trough Apple’s documentation alone is not really doing it for me

Oh, no, I already have blasted all my Obj-C books…:cry:…Happy April Fool’s Day!!! :laughing:

HAH, great prank. For one moment I thought you were serious. :joy:

It’s a prank, don’t worry.

I doubt that. Its mr Wenderlich officially, why would he make fun out of such a serious issue.
It’s true that swift has given apple a lot of headache lately with the version changes