Random Issue: Unity Tutorial page not loading

I have a random issue with the Unity video tutorial page not loading.

Last night I wanted to go onto the site and do a few more C# coding exercises, but for some reason I kept getting a “Site Maintenance” message. At this point I was on my Windows 10 PC using the Chrome browser. After a couple of hours I decided to try again and got the same message. I then tried it on my MacBook Pro using the Safari browser and had no issues. So I go back to my PC and it still wasn’t loading. No problem with the rest of the site. I clicked on other tutorial pages. They loaded. I clicked on the Articles page. It loaded. I clicked on the Video Courses page. It loaded. I’m even on the forums page on said PC right now. It’s just the Unity Tutorials page for some reason.

Is this a known issue or is it totally random? Seems strange.