Quick thanks and a question about global constants

Hi everyone,

I have just finished the 2nd tutorial in iOS apprentice series and it is fantastic. I have followed a few on-line tutorials and a couple of YouTube videos on iOS development but nothing compares to quality of the tutorial. It made a lot of abstract concepts much clearer. I understand OO development and I programmed VB for 10 years, so I am no stranger to coding but some of the Swift concepts can take a little getting used to. Also, I think too many tutorials on the Net tip-toe you through a development path for an app that, when the time comes to code your own app it becomes very difficult because you don’t know how to develop your knowledge. The tutorial showed many different ways of developing tables and navigation, which, although sometimes a little mind blowing are well worth the time spent learning. So thanks for a great tutorial.

As you have recommended some sterling coding practices in your tutorial I would like to ask about recommendations for global constants rather than using hardcoded strings especially in accessing database items. This used to help me a lot to avoid typos. In standard OO programming I think you would use an interface that the whole project could access.

Anyway, enough chitter-chatter tutorial 3 awaits!!


Thanks, Amanda! :smiley:

Global variables don’t have a good reputation, but I think global constants are just fine. They are definitely better than hardcoded strings!