Questions before buying 2D Apple Games by Tutorials

First: IOS10FEAST coupon code is not working… It says: IOS10FEAST is not a valid coupon.
Second: Will we get free update for Gameplay kit?

Questions for forum users:
Third: Since I am a beginner, and know swift basics by going through stanford ios 9 tutorial, hence need your opinions about this book.
Fourth: I want to know how you guys create Art for your game.

  1. The IOS10FEAST coupon code was valid up til November 9th, according to the article listing the feast winners.
  2. I’m not speaking for Ray or the writing team here, but generally unless there’s been substantial new material to include in a book (as there was when Gameplay Kit was first introduced), book updates tend to be free. So it may depend on what gets announced in future.
  3. There are also some tutorials about Apple’s game frameworks available directly on this site, and some of the articles released during the feast will have included chapters from the book. They may give you some idea of what to expect relative to your level. As ever the book will tell you everything to do along the way to making the games within, but I don’t know whether you’re looking for something specific.

Thanks for the information.