Query wrt book 'ARKit by tutorials'

Page 208 in PDF version - ‘For now, the data encoded in the QR code is irrelevant; you just need something to detect.’. Nowhere in the book did you talk about data encoded in QRCode. Then what is the difference between detecting a normal rectangular surface and QRCode if you are not reading QRCode’s embedded data?

@jeden Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]

If you’re not using or reading the data encoded in the QR, then your concern is legit, there wouldn’t be any reason to use a QR.

In the RazeAd app I wanted to point out that you can embed data in the QR, and that you should use QR codes for that purpose, but I didn’t actually use that feature in the app - if you scan the QR code provided in the book (you can use your iPhone camera), you can see that its content is “Hello, RazeAd !!!”.

Probably I should have given a real example - it could have been something as simple as embedding a URL. Note taken.

Thanks for pointing that out.

Do you plan to add an example ?

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