Query about app store guidelines

Hello Friends , i hope all is well

please i have an question about something i stuck on it,

i have an question about app store , if i submit app that not in compliance app store review guidelines this app allows users to save or download music, video, or other media content without authorization from the relevant third-party sources.

apple want from me the permission from that resource ,so submit my app in the app store , and i can’t get that permission because my country have no membership in that resource so i want make tricky in my app that download functionality is not working unless i send code to my app and in that way apple can’t detect my app that download and submit my app .

my question is if i make this tricky and apple can’t detect my app which download music ,movie and apple publish my app in app store

and if after one month apple detect my app that not in compliance app store guidelines What are they doing to me? i get band? delete developer account?or just delete my app from the app store?

thanks a lot

When you sign up for a developer licence, there’s a licence agreement which you agree to comply with. I would definitely recommend you read it, for most accurate information.

Apple recently removed a lot of apps which used a framework called “rollout.io” to modify their functionality after app review, so they do watch for this kind of ‘tricky’ behaviour. I don’t know what other actions Apple might have taken.