Propitiatory Applications


Say you build a fee paying app for your customers to use. But essentially, someone shouldn’t be able to just download it from the iOS store and start using it. Would Enterprise mode be the correct thing to use. Or is this concept not possible in iOS.

I have seen one example of an app that wasn’t available via the iStore. We paid our fee to the company and they provided us with a link the download the iOS app.

Hi @jonny,
Apple has a simple rule, if you put it on the store then it is available for anyone to download/purchase.
There are a couple more options like the B2B Volume licenses, but that is for institutions to purchase.

If you want to download an app not from the app store, then enterprise signing would be the way, but that is ok for internal distribution however I am not 100% if Apple looks at it favorably if you try to sell apps by cutting off the middle man (i.e. them)



Hi @jayantvarma

Thanks again for your help.
Didn’t know of B2B licenses, but seems interesting, thank you


glad it was helpful. You are welcome.



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