Programming in Swift - Part 1: Part 1: Core Concepts: | Ray Wenderlich

I’m getting the “Sorry Because of its privacy settings, this video cannot be played here.” error using Chrome. Tried to disable ‘Ask websites…’, didn’t work.
Please help

@johnb Wow that’s an interesting approach, and great advice! Thanks for sharing.

@gabguy I just checked the video and it appears to be loading OK for me (using Chrome). Are you still having trouble w/ this?

Yes, and I’ve tried your suggestions in the ‘Video not playing’ tooltip

I’ve managed to find the issue, it was a chrome privacy extension. Sorry for the trouble

Ah - I’m glad you got it working OK! :]

Is there a way to auto-play the videos?

Not yet, but this is a feature we’re working on.

I don’t know why, This course (Programming in swift ) are so hard for me, I had complete 3 chapters, I don’t feel I understand anything. I did Bulls eyes are much better than this course, On bulls eye you explained everything and was easy to understand. and about Programming in swift course I went to another website course and I found it much easier than here.

just saying, this course for beginners don’t make it hard for us please.

Thanks for the feedback! What parts did you find confusing here in particular?

all the pdf’s (the one’s in the downloaded materials for each video) are in portrait instead of landscape? Am I missing something?

great course

The closure explanation in these tutorials is very basic, can I find more details in form of tutorials?

@swifty Please check out our Swift Apprentice book when you get a chance:

I hope it helps. Thank you! :]

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Hi there, I’m missing tutorial on enums. Where can I find at least a link to previous Intermediate Swift course?

I’m having a problem with the playgrounds, They keep crashing Xcode. Had it once with a playground of my own as well. Have to force quite Xcode. Common problem? Rebooted system, latest 10.13.4 High Sierra.


Did some digging and found this in the release notes. Is this for everyone an issue? Can’t be, can it? Seems to me that such a important function cannot hang this often. Any thoughts?


Known Issues
macOS playground execution may hang in the Running state with no results produced. This is more prevalent when changing pages. (32429211)
Workaround: Stop playground execution and rerun. If issue persists, close and reopen Xcode.

The liveTouchBar property of PlaygroundSupport is not supported. (31073754)