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I don’t see anything in the Preview on the right? Has anyone else had this issue? I have Automatically Run ON.

After some digging I found that if you turn ON “Show Raw Markup” under the Editor menu option, preview works.

Hey @wyldloop01: what version of Xcode and macOS are you using? Playgrounds can be a little weird with the preview execution, and I’d like to try to figure out why it’s not working properly for you so I can share that with other people. Thanks!

I’m using Xcode 11.4 with MacOS Catalina 10.15.3 and i am having the issue with the preview not showing in the side bar, but only with i import your files. If i start an xCode playground myself there is no issue. Any idea? Or is this just a bug and I should just use my own playgrounds?

Edit - Nevermind I got it working. I restarted xCode and it updated and now its good :smiley:

Hey @chocolatecode, glad to hear you got it working! Do you think we’ll be ever be free of the whole “I restarted, and now it works” thing? :rofl:


I downloaded the material and now having problems opening them up in the playground. Followed the video but not working. Any directions? I dragged all the folders to the playground.

I think I have a similar issue to knbjr27. I click on the ‘Download Materials’ button and get taken to the GItHub repository. If I download a file from there it saves as an ‘html’ file and doesn’t open in Playgrounds as it does on Chris’ screen. Not sure where I’m going wrong

I’ve been in and downloaded the whole repository for the path as a zip file and can now open the lesson