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There’s no download materials attached to the lesson. Am I missing something?

@codes No, you’re not missing anything — we’re missing something on the back end. I’ve got the video team looking into this now — thanks for the note and thanks for your patience.

@codes We’ve just corrected this, and you should be able to download the materials for this now! Thanks again, and let me know if you find any more issues.

Nope - all is good! Thanks for the quick & helpful reply!

Hi Chris, thanks for this lecture series.

Just a minor note. In the fourth challenge, the instructions say to change the day value of the tuple. However, you end up changing the name value. Was this intentional to demonstrate that other values could be changed? Thanks!

Hey @borninla: This is probably just a mismatch between the script and what I did while coding. I’ll go back and check this so it can get corrected in future updates. Thanks!

Challenge 2 is repeated and Challenge 3 is mssing in the beginining playground

Part 2 - Episode 3 - Challenge - Tuples - Begin.playground

I’ll take a look and see what’s going on. Thanks for the tip!

Hey @byaruhaf,

I had a look at Part 2 - Episode 3 - Challenge - Tuples - Begin.playground in the individual download files, as well as in the Part 2 - (ALL EPISODES) Beginning Collections - Begin.playground, but unfortunately I don’t see anything out of order or missing. Could you send along a screenshot or something to help me track this down? Thanks!

Hey Chris,

Also, redownload the playgrounds but now I don’t see the issue. unfortunately, I don’t have a copy of the playgrounds when I reported the issue. but for now, all looks ok.