Programming in Kotlin - Part 29: Arrays | Ray Wenderlich

Learn how to use arrays in Kotlin to store an ordered list of values.

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Will there be a course on coroutines?

We have a book coming out on coroutines. I know that it is on our list for courses but don’t know the timeline

What are upcoming exciting android courses you working on and will be publishing soon? So that I can plan way ahead to complete them. Love your teaching style.

I’m not working on any video courses but am helping edit some books: Coroutines and Flutter.

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I am waiting for the Flutter book and if there did be a video course on it. It would be great. Thanks for the beautiful content.

in min 3.26 you said that we can not add elements to an array, but we can if we define players as ‘var’ then use player += “NewPlayer”

You are correct. If we were to change the val to a var, then we could add new elements.