Pre Select CollectionView Cell

I can’t figure out how to select a collectionview cell, go to a different view, go back to the previous view with the cell selected. It runs through my didSelectItemAt method code but it doesn’t display the color changes.

Hi @dadixon, are you wanting to pass a color to a different view controller or navigate to a view controller using a collection view? Sounds like there are possibly two problems. If you have any code to share with us that would also be helpful.


No I’m not passing any data. I’m using a navigation controller to navigate through 3 view controllers. The first one has a form with a name text field and a collection view that displays choices. When the user types in the name and selects a choice they go to the next steps. If they go back, they see the name still there but the collection view selection is not selected. I’ve searched all the web to try to find out how to pre select on a collection view to no end. No examples work. In my viewWillAppear, I use the selectItem method that doesn’t work. I even put it in the viewDidAppear. I also tried reloading the collection view first and then selecting but that didn’t work either. I’m stomped

I figured it out. I was overriding my select with the cell draw method

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