Practice apart from the courses

I am trying to lear swift I have made the iOS video path and the book iOS appretencie, apart from some udemy courses.

the problem I have is that I don’t know how to practice alone the thing I have learn.

some advice??


Hey Anzo - if you go through all the courses in our iOS & Swift Learning Paths, you’ll be more than ready to create your own app.

So I’d recommend taking a break from tutorials for a while at that point, and start building your own app.

It’s best if you come up with an idea for something that interests you. Like maybe an app for a hobby or interest of yours.

If you’re having trouble coming up with an idea, let me know a bit more about your hobbies and interests and I’ll try to help brainstorm some simple apps you can build for learning purposes. :]

I have only do the begguiner series, and the Angela gu? course in udemy.

i have an idea but is an app with maps taking data from the watch and transfer to the phone.

i understand when I watch the videos of bulls eye app, but I tried to do on my own and I can’t.


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