Practical Instruments - Part 2: Instruments 101 | Ray Wenderlich

This time you'll get acquainted with Time Profiler and learn about the various panes and settings of an Instruments trace.

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Nice video series! Just an FYI, part 2 (Instruments 101) doesn’t include the sample project in the materials, just PDFs. So the part at the end of the video about launching and exploring Instruments a little doesn’t make any sense.

Ah good point @jeffremer! I kind of imagined people could just use whatever app they’re working on currently, but it would make sense to include a demo app for them to look through. I’ll try to fix that this week!

I liked the part you said It’s like the life :smile:

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Why can’t I play the video?

@karthikship What browser are you using?


I’m using Chrome. Tried with chrome on mobile as well as my laptop.

Note: I’m able to get the play button for Part 1 and Part 3 but not for Part 2.

@karthikship Have you tried Safari instead? It works without issues for me there.

Hi @karthikship,

Part 1 and 3 of this course are currently freely available to watch. Part 2 (and other episodes) require a subscription.

There was a bug that prevented the play button from showing up, which when clicked should show that you’ll need a subscription to watch (it has since been fixed).

Please give it another try and let me know if you experience any further issues or contact our support staff ( .



Ha ha @luke_parham, the “profile” icon is not a wrench, it is a caliper, a tool to measure precisely small distances.

Sample project code is not included!