Powerful word processor and reader for Microsoft Office

The new version of document writer is rich with plenty of astonishing gimmicks. Presently you can just make a note of your classroom addresses, homework or make any composed report and you don’t need to sort them to get it into PDF design. Yes! The application empowers you to change over your manually written records in PDF just by filtering by utilizing your iPhone or iPad. Astounding, isn’t it? Well it is more than it sounds. You can even view your downloaded archives when disconnected from the internet utilizing Document Viewer on your device.

Word Processor permits you to edit your documents and notes the way you like. You can give an italic or bold touch to your content or can underline the chosen items. You can also embed the snaps caught by your cam into your content record. Additionally, you can erase the chosen piece of the content that you consider pointless. A rich assortment of foundation hues and styles are there to encourage you to get things the way you envision them. Add visual cues or numbers to your content or highlight the particular words or lines to make a greater impact.

PDF Converter:

Another astonishing part of Document Viewer is the PDF Converter. You can change over your MS Excel, Word or PowerPoint document into a PDF form. You can also switch the “annotation” on and make alterations to your current documents, such as:

  • Pick between fit to window, fit to the screen or set the page width physically
  • You can to set your page vertical or horizontal
  • Email Attachments
  • Print your PDF records by utilizing your printer

Document Scanner and Writing Pad :

As you download Document Writer, you should get this excellent application as a bonus. No extra effort is needed from your side. By using Document Scanner you can:
Scan your manually written records and save them to PDF.

  • You can likewise change over your pictures to any format you like, for example, PNG, JPG or PDF
  • You can also alter, product, zoom in or zoom out, or roll out any sort of improvement or change with your chosen images.
  • The pictures can be exported to Google Drive, Microsoft Sky Drive, Whats App, or Dropbox

Download Link : ‎Document Writer for Microsoft Office - Word & PDF on the App Store

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