Porting Android app to IOS

I have built an android tablet application which has a certain success and have received numerous requests for it to be available equally on iPad.

The application renders music scores directly in a custom view (this is not a PDF viewer in passing) using graphic commands for drawing lines, bezier curves, text and so on.

I have decided to take the plunge and port it over to IOS as an iPad app.
This is where I am getting a bit overwhelmed.

It appears that Swift would be the right way to go, as opposed to Objective-C, after my research.
However, I have been unable to see how to create the kind of custom view I created for Android.

So I am seeking advice from others who would have also taken this kind of path - going from Android to iPad.
Is this possible ?

@sgiddings Thanks very much for your question!

First off, congratulations on the success of your app! If you’re trying to port an app over to iOS, it’s a good thing that you’re using Swift to accomplish your goal. With respect to the customView, you are able to make cutomViews in iOS to suit your needs, however, Apple does provide a good amount of standard components that should suffice for most uses. One thing to consider, and to not disappoint you, is that Google and Apple are very different companies, who bring their own ideas, and philosophies to the table when it comes to designing for their respective devices. While in an ideal situation, you would be able to recreate the app exactly as you want it to appear, the reality is that an app built natively on iOS will almost definitely be distinct from how it looks when developed for Android. Bear in mind, this is not a bad thing. This is what makes app’s unique, and each demographic using their preferred device are accustomed to doing things a certain way. What I would suggest is to find something that closely resembles what it is you’re trying to accomplish, or perhaps search for an equivalent online. If you are unable to find something that you like, then you most definitely can make your own control with the tools that Apple provides. More than likely, you’re not the first person struggling to find an iOS equivalent for what you’re looking for, which means, hopefully someone before you has already found, and implemented a solution that you probably are looking for. :slight_smile:

I hope this helps!

All the best!

@syedfa thank you for the encouragement.
The custom view I need to is specific to my application and will need to be implemented.
However, I have not found a tutorial which explains how to go about doing this.
Note that I need to draw directly into the view using, as I said, graphic commands to draw lines, bezier curves, text and so on - core graphics I presume.
All of this depending on documents the user will have acquired.
Are you aware of any tutorials which go in this direction ?

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