Poker Chips Calculator

Hello all,

First I started with Raywenderlich UDEMY course.
It was brilliant starting point, I learned a lot.

I took me around 1 month to finish it.

Than I did my first app so I would like to introduce my first application - Poker Chips Calculator.

Has it ever occurred to you that you wanted to play poker with your friends but had no poker chips? Now you can download mobile app and use it as a substitute for psychical poker chips.

Poker Chips Calculator allow you to play your favorite poker without hassle of taking out psychical chips. Pull out deck of cards, your iPhone and you’re ready to play.

• Keep track up to 8 players.
• Simple & easy to use interface allows you to quickly bet, all in.

Poker Chips Calculator - Download on the App Store

Please feel free to email me your feedback and suggestions

Massive thanks to raywenderlich portal :slight_smile: