Please read my introduction!

Hey guys. After scrounging on the web for a while I’ve come across Ray’s website and books along with it’s high recommendations everywhere I looked. I bought the book yesterday and I’m quite impressed! It’s clear, concise and with nice illustrations to back it all up.

I’m so hyped at picking up app development that I’ve started a blog about it. In the blog I write about my journey to becoming a professional app developer (with the help of Ray’s books). If you’re interested in following my progress, be sure to check me out on I’ll keep my eye on the forums from time to time to keep up to date. See you for now!

Very cool Stefan! I wish you all the best in your journey to become a professional app developer and I hope some of our books are helpful along your way.

I checked out your blog - it looks great! Feel free to post here whenever you post something new to the site, I think others would be interested in following your journey.

Keep up the good work! :]

That is amazing, best of luck and keep posting it here, would like to read it.