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Upon opening RW tutorial playground files, I see you guys add a description area into the playground. This description area contains text and image, and not interfere with the code. I want to ask how to insert that area ?


Please see picture attached for example. In this picture, description part I mentioned is from “Challeng 2” down to first line of code “var tree: BinaryNode…”.


Hi @oaranger,
The current official Apple documentation on this can be found at Apple Developer Documentation

however there is an earlier version that describes all of the markup commands.

If you see carefully, the code starts from line 25, the first 25 lines are markup text including an image that is part of the resources as you can see in the sidebar.

the text would look something like this

# Challenge 2

A Common task in software development ...

//: ![Binary Tree][ "this is a binary tree"]

A particular algorith ...


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Hi Jayantvarma,

Thanks for the comment

Turned out we also have to toggle the checkbox Render Documentation on the Playground Setting on the right panel


Glad you found that, now with XCode 11, it will also create documentation from the functions signature. We’ll leave that for a series of tutorials to come on all the new shiny stuff released at WWDC.


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