Play a video from shared iTunes library (Home Sharing)

Been digging around the dev documentation from Apple and posted on SO but can’t seem to find anything or even get a response on this. Is it possible to create an app that can connect to a user’s shared iTunes library via Home Sharing and play a video file?

The ONLY reference to Home Sharing I have been able to find in the official documentation refers to playing music using the system media player and getting a nil value for the nowPlaying property.

Hi @soofle616, thank you for reaching out! Unfortunately I do not know if it’s possible to create an app that can connect to the user’s shared Itunes library via home sharing. However, looking at the documentation for the Itunes library, it does appear that you can retrieve media properties. Hopefully with these resources, it might point you in the right direction.


Apple Resources:
Itunes Library
Media Player
Media Library

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