PDF version with Paperback

Hello Everyone,

I am planning to purchase a paperback version of this book from amazon.co.uk. Will I have access to PDF version too?


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I don’t know the answer but here is a review for the unity hard copy book someone purchased and said they can’t get the soft copy files. image

Hi @egyhenger -

Excerpt from the book:

And if you purchased the print version of this book, you’re eligible to upgrade to the digital editions at a significant discount! Simply email support@razeware.com with your receipt for the physical copy and we’ll get you set up with the discounted digital edition version of the book.

I don’t know what the “significant discount” is.

Hi and welcome to the forum community @egyhenger! I would definitely recommend reaching out to support@razeware.com. I’m sure they will be happy to clarify any answers you may have for accessing the PDF version.


is it confirmed that if you buy the Paperback version of the book, you don’t have access to the PDF version included in the price, but at a discounted price? and now much is it?

Hi, and thanks for writing! You can find the details about how to get the PDF version of a book you’ve purchased individually here: https://help.raywenderlich.com/what-format-are-the-books-in

I hope that helps!