PDF is missing Table of Contents in sidebar

I just downloaded the updated version of the Swift Apprentice, and immediately noticed that in the left sidebar of my Mac Preview app. So I can’t easily jump around between chapters and sections.

I’m guessing that it was accidentally left out of the pdf, since it’s there in my old version and in iOS Apprentice as well. I hope this gets fixed and updated.

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Is it just me? Do I have my settings wrong?
Or is the Table Of Contents missing for everyone? I’m talking about in the left sidebar using Mac Preview app.

Thanks for the post. Investigating this.

@mt-instructor @rayfix

I think all of RayWenderlich’s books have problems with Table of Contents.

I bought several books (Realm, iOS Apprentice, Apprentice Swift, Design Pattern …) All the same problems on PDF. No table of contents to navigate.

But I still like reads :blue_book::blue_book::smiley:

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@gregoirejacquin Thank you for the heads up - much appreciated! We are working on this and it should be fixed soon.

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