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Passbook FAQ

This is a blog post by iOS Tutorial Team member Marin Todorov, a software developer with 12+ years of experience, an independent iOS developer and the creator of Touch Code Magazine. Passbook is one of the coolest new technologies in iOS 6. You can use it to create store cards, event tickets, coupons, and more! […]

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I am moving Passes from one WebServiceUrl to another WebServiceUrl. It appears that when push notifications are received that if there are multiple passes with different Urls for the same Pass Type Identifier that the the “What’s change” call does not go to both, in fact it seems arbitrary which one is called.

Even when all of the old passes are removed, it seems that the old WebServiceUrl is occasionally called (i.e. either a PkPass file has gone dark OR the WebServiceUrl is saved somewhere associated with the Pass Type Identifier.

Have you seen this behavior? How do you resolve it?

oh, I haven’t been in this situation tbh; sounds like redirecting the URL on the server itself might be safest to make sure you handle all update requests.

301’s are officially limited to GET only, so only some options are possible. Whether iPhone will accept a 301 (security concerns for Store card) is what I will test today.