Paid Subscription won't let me watch paid videos

I purchased the monthly subscription so I could watch the videos and have access to the paid content, but every time I try to watch a video it tells me to subscribe. So when I click on my account it tells me I’ve already subscribed. It deducted money from my account and it says I’m a subscriber but when I try to watch a video it tells me I must subscribe. I’m in an endless loop of not being able to access content whilst it tells me I’m a subscriber. I’ve sent emails to Ray Wenderlich and but so far i’ve been ignored :frowning:

@raywenderlich, @shogunkaramazov I do have the same issue. Can you please help us resolve this issue ?

I have this issue also.

I paid, but I can’t access content. :-/

@jake2020 @muralim88 @gt1993 Sorry for the inconvenience here :frowning: This should now be fixed on all of your accounts - you should have received an email confirming this from

I am having the same issue bought the subscription about 2 hours ago

Hi @jmonaco98, I’ve just checked your account, it should be working now. Apologies for the inconvenience :frowning:

Thank you @katiecollins I am now able to access the video content.

I just bought a year subscription and still do not have access to the videos. I’ve tried to contact support but have yet to receive a reply from anyone.

update: Resolved

@unipheas Glad you sorted it out! Cheers! :]

Have the same problem. Used to work well, now on Win10 I’ve got this issue. On my Mac however, works fine.

@rgeiss What browser are you using on Windows?

Hi Cosmin, using Chrome and Firefox, both latest versions.

@rgeiss It’s working fine for me. What error do you get exactly?

Not an error, but when i click on the video to watch it bounces me back to a subscription or login page. So I click on login and land again on the video page. It then loops between these pages.

Further experimenting, on another laptop with WIn10 it works perfectly. Problems seems to be due to being behind a proxy at work.

I think that was my initial issue as well. I’m also behind a firewall/proxy