Page 569 of Chapter 21. I Think some code is missed

Page 569.

You added the ground tile to the worldLayer, and now you implement a wall tile in the same way.

I think modification code for “adding the ground tile to the worldLayer” is missed.

//Layers var worldLayer = SKNode() var guiLayer = SKNode() var enemyLayer = SKNode() var overlayLayer = SKNode() //Config World addChild(worldLayer) camera!.addChild(guiLayer) guiLayer.addChild(overlayLayer) worldLayer.addChild(enemyLayer)

You mean here?

for .tileGround at Page 566.

let node = SKSpriteNode(texture: atlasTiles.textureNamed("Floor1"))
node.size = CGSize(width: 32, height: 32)
node.position = location
node.zPosition = 1

Modifying “addChild(node)” is missed after worldLayer is added.