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OS X View Controllers Tutorial

Discover the power of view controllers as you build an app from scratch in this OS X view controllers tutorial!

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Hi There,

and thanks for a good tutorial.

I think it would be appropriate to update the code to reflect the state of the art.

Swift is very new an updated WAY too often IMO - and most this code needs to be heavily translated.
That makes following along a hassle to be honest

Well I am jumping in here with Xcode 8 and Swift 3, just a little differant from when this was done!!!
So these are the issue I am getting:

In OverviewController I am getting errors:
var selectedProduct = Product? { Expected member name or constructor call after type name


if let product = selectedProduct { Initializer for conditional binding must have Optional type, not ‘Product?.Type’ (aka ‘Optional.Type’)

Thanks for the help!!

Hi daddybob,

there is an updated version of this tutorial on the way, but i don’t know when it will be published. However it contains only small changes ant i attached the final project for the updated version. i hope this helps.
RWStore_Final.zip (690.5 KB)

Hi pierredrks
Thanks for the reply
As it turns out I really didn’t have an issue.
I did a clean on the code and all went just fine.

Now when I run the app I only get two rows of pics, I am now looking into this issue.

I am enjoying the tutorials looks like y’all done good!!!