Order of properties is it important in struct?


I’m reading the chapter about the pointers, I’m at Memory layout.

In the example of the book you have

struct IntBoolStruct { 
var intValue: Int 
var boolValue: Bool
MemoryLayout<IntBoolStruct>.size       // returns 9
MemoryLayout<IntBoolStruct>.alignment  // returns 8
MemoryLayout<IntBoolStruct>.stride     // returns 16


struct BoolIntStruct { 
var boolValue: Bool 
var intValue: Int
MemoryLayout<BoolIntStruct>.size       // returns 16
MemoryLayout<BoolIntStruct>.alignment  // returns 8
MemoryLayout<BoolIntStruct>.stride     // returns 16

I understand why it’s take more size.

My question is, in real app I need to take in consideration the orders of properties of my models if want to optimise memories? Or no need because it’s not expansive in memory?