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Open Call for Book Authors: Vapor, Kotlin, Unity VR, and More

We are currently recruiting lead authors for books on Vapor, Kotlin, Unity VR, and more. Find out why you should write a book with us, and how to apply!

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goodluck on the hiring process! Looking forward to the Vapor book!! I wish I had enough experience with it to apply for that role!!

I think a good iOS unit testing book written in RW style is missing and would be a great one to have.

It would be cool if a book was also written for Kitura.

For kitura there are books out there already.

I can’t wait for that Vapor book, I’m really excited about learning how to create an API service with authorisation, I got well and truly stuck on creating my own in Vapor. Easily enough to make a basic API but I got lost in the whole token, authorisation and OAuth 2.0 mess, allowing user access to specific resources messed with my mind :joy:.
Really looking forward to learning about this! If it makes the cut of course :blush:.

Any official and that offers advanced topics?

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