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Open Call for Authors and Editors: iOS, Android, Unity, and More!

Ever thought about joining the Tutorial Team? Now's your chance - we're having a huge recruitment drive for authors and editors!

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Good day friends!
I need help please.
How get properties from firebase to tableViews?
Thank you

Swift code programing.

Sometimes, I wanna review the classes that I’ve finished, But obviously Raywenderlich doesn’t provide such a function, after serval months of learning, I literally can not remember what I just learned, I gotta maintain an additional file to record my learning path which is such an unpleasant experience. So I do hope that our great Raywenderlich can fix this and give us a more delight learning journey.

@aaron_xin Thank you for the great suggestion! I agree this would be a great feature for the site to have in the future. We’ll definitely keep this in mind as we make upgrades to the site.

Hi I am new to this forum. I am a subscriber of this Chanel. I love all these VDO tutorial.
Is there any Mobile App for this Chanel and support for “Offline Video save” like YouTube ???

We don’t have that feature yet, but it is something we’d like to add at some point.

Thank you for your Reply.
Any plan to upload tutorial on IOT with iOS !!??

That’s currently not in the plans, but could you tell me a bit more about what specifically you’d like to see in a tutorial on that subject?

Hi Ray,

I’d like to be a part of Ray Wenderlich writers and video tutorials creators. Please suggest how can i become a part of the team.
I am an iOS Application developer with 6.5 years of experience and 3 years of experience in Cross platform development.

Warm Regards,
Jatin Nandwani