Open app when user clicks on a link


What i want to achieve is this:

User receives a link in his email, when he clicks it i want him to be automatically redirected to my app, a specific screen in the app ( he clicks on a password reset link => app opens in password reset screen)

How would i achieve this, i’ve searched the site + the web, but i haven’t found anything that works. Thank you!

Hi @swiftwitcher, thank you for posting here! The only thing I can think of is using Firebase to easily setup a reset password feature allowing the user to click reset password on an app screen - receiving an email - then resetting their password. Are you using a custom backend?

Yeah i am using a custom backend, so firebase is sadly out of the question.

Check out:
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Have fun!


Hi, I have done virtually that today :D.

I have a custom backend written in Rails.
So I had a case where a user needs to verify email to continue using the app after register. So on register, my backend sends you an email with a normal web link where you verify your email (link contains a confirmation_token parameter, which allows the backend to verify it).
However, I have set up my site to support apple’s universal links. So if the user presses that link in email on his iDevice, universal links will not even access the web page but will be directed directly into the iOS app. iOS app receives that url, and parses it (you have to write code to parse it), so it gets the confirmation_token from that url. And now we have some code to send to server to a special API point made for verifying email.

What you need is universal links + code in your app to respond to those links (that is an untrivial task though :slight_smile: )

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