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New Video Tutorial Series: Saving Data in iOS in Swift

Check out our new video tutorial series on Saving Data in iOS. This series is fully up-to-date for iOS 9 and Swift 2.

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After watching the introduction, Chapters 2-7 do not play. I get the spinning circle of doom. Ch 8 and 9 do playback as expected.

I have tried this in Chrome and Firefox on the Mac.

Hi @renderman017

Sorry for the problems you’ve been experiencing with this course. This was due to a CDN issue with our provider. They’re working on a fix for it, which should be deployed by the end of the week.

In the meantime, I’ve just deployed a version of the site that should allow you to view videos again. It uses a fallback video player, which doesn’t have quite the same functionality that you’re used to, but it will at least allow you to watch videos again.

Once again, apologies for the the problems