New version available for this book? πŸ€”

Hi everyone,

Before buying this ebook in its second version, I’d like to know if a third version is rather topical (iOS16, Xcode14)?
Besides, if I buy this second version, will it be necessary to buy the ne version when it comes out or a simple download from my account is enough, please?

Thanks in advance for your answers. :wink:

@sandragrau please see above, thanks!

Hi, capitainecaverne! We do not currently have an update of ITDD underway at the moment, although we may kick one off when the authors decide it’s ready for one. As long as you buy an electronic version of the book, you will be eligible to receive the update for free, when (and if) it becomes available. You can read more about our update policy here:

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Thanks for your returns. :pray::sunny:

Of course! I hope you’ll enjoy the book!

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