New SwiftUI, Combine and Catalyst Books: Preorders Now Available! |

We’re making new books on SwiftUI, Combine & Catalyst — and if you preorder now, you can get all 3 for just $99!

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Could you tell us more or less when they will be available (something like late/early Summer/Fall) and how long the promotion will last? Thank you very much!

The SwiftUI By Tutorial book sounds promising – but the description says a lot about what SwiftUI is and very little about what the book will cover. For example, here is all that the book description says about what it will cover:

“This book will dive deep into every aspect of SwiftUI development, including complex scenarios that arise with real-world apps – using our step-by-step tutorial-based approach that our readers know and love!”

That is not sufficient to set expectations about what the book will cover.

What are the “complex scenarios” that it will cover?

Will it include using SwiftUI with Core data?

Or how to create a SwiftUI version of a Master-Detail app?

Will it provide conceptual guidance on functional programming and SwiftUI or ‘how to think in SwiftUI’ ?

Or answer architectural questions like ‘does Swift UI allow combining a List view with a Tabbed view’ – which UIKit does not allow today – ?

I want to pre-order; but right now there is not enough information about what the book will cover.

Can you provide more information here?

I’m eagerly awaiting the Combine book. I’d like to put this time to good use. Is there a list of suggested pre-requisites (books/tutorials/etc.) for the book? Reading some of the Combine stuff I’ve found elsewhere, it seems like it includes some advanced concepts… maybe it would help me to brush up on other things for now.

@dondi @notationmaster I am forwarding your questions to the book team and they will get back to you soon. Thank you!

Hi, glad to hear you’re excited about the Combine book :blush: The book starts from the very basics (aka “Hello, Combine”) and goes through series of chapters covering ever so slightly more advanced topics. That said, you need to have a good grasp of Swift to make the most of the book, and at least basic understanding of UIKit to feel at home while working on the couple of projects included in the book. If you are a bit rusty on Swift itself you can always refresh by reading through

I hope that answers your question, Marin

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Will these be eBook only or will print be available?

@huber88 There will definitely be printed versions of all the books at some point. I will let you know when I know more. Thank you!