New iOS11 accessibility features

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know how to use the UIAccessibilityContainerDataTable and the UIAccessibilityContainerDataTableCell protocols ?
They might be used in conjunction with the UIAccessibilityContainerType but I really have no idea what the purpose is.

I haven’t seen any practical information about them in the latest WWDC (What’s new in accessibility).
The only info comes from the Apple’s documentation but that doesn’t help me a lot unfortunately.
I try and use accessibility in my apps but it isn’t that easy if I cannot understand the rationale behind what’s new.

Thanks in advance for your support. :wink:

@capitainecaverne What are you trying to accomplish exactly?

First, I tried and understood what these new features are meant for.
Then, in a second time, I wanted to use them in a case I could define once the previous point is all clear in my mind.:nerd_face:
Sometimes, tutorials help me a lot to succeed these two points… that’s why I tossed a bottle into the sea in hopes of finding someone showing me the path. :sunny:

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