New generation library for iOS ui development —Flexlib


FlexLib is an obj-c layout framework for iOS. It’s based on flexbox model which is standard for web layout. So the layout capability is powerful and easy to use.

There are big advantage compared with Autolayout, masonry, etc:

  • The layout is based on xml format and flexbox, you can copy & paste. You can implement much more complex layout with flexbox model than autolayout.

  • This framework support reference predefined style. No necessary to repeat setting detail attribution.

  • It support hot preview. After modify xml layout, no necessary to build & run again, just press Cmd+R to reload the new layout.

  • Support to avoid keyboard automatically and keyboard toolbar to switch input field.

  • Support iPhone X perfectly. You don’t need to do anything for iPhone X.

  • Auto calculate table cell height.

  • Multi-language support.

There are many other features. You can find more details here:

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