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New Course: iOS Design Patterns

Learn how to combat massive view controller syndrome with MVC-N, MVVM, and other popular design patterns.

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Hello autor. Introduction video is not showing.


What I really want to understand is protocols, extensions, components, and entities… for game development.

do you cover that in your course here?

Hi Joshua! Nice video and your multicast closure delegate is a pretty interesting concept. I would like to implement it in a network client that wraps network calls into operations (to benefit from operation dependency) and allow to do an silent re-authentification. I was wondering if you think it is something that would be easy to use in that context, as it would have to replay potentially multiple operations…
Thanks for your input :slight_smile:

This video is live and does play.

Maybe check your browser settings? Specifically, make sure you don’t have any plugins running that could be blocking the content.

Good luck!

This course is most applicable to non-game apps, but you’ll likely find many of the design patterns useful in general, regardless of context. :]

This course doesn’t specifically go into protocols, extensions, etc in depth, but we do have an RW video just about this! See Alexis Gallagher’s RWDevCon 2016 on “Protocol-Oriented Programming” here:


Yes, this is exactly what I showcase in this video series!

As the pattern’s name implies, it uses closures instead of operations (that is, instead of NSOperation objects), but I think you’ll find this has a lot of similarities to operations and several benefits. IMHO, it’s also a bit easier to work with closures over operations.

This video will be live soon, and I highly recommend you check it out then. :]

Are you referring to your video that is part of the Vault 2017 ?
If yes, then I have already seen it as I bought this year’s bundle :slight_smile: Great material!

Yes, I did show this briefly in RWDevCon 2017 too.

I’ve refined the implementation in this video course, including taking advantage of new support for embedding classes within generic classes!

So, I definitely think it’s a worthwhile watch, even having seen the RWDevCon 2017 video before… well, I think this entire video series is worthwhile, but I’m maybe a little biased? :smile:

Oh! A refined implementation with generic classes ? That sounds even better!!! I will definitely watch it asap :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot for this!

Hi! I’m very curious what you think about VIPER Architecture. I using it in every time when the project allows. Is it worth?

I treat design patterns like tools: if a problem is solvable with vanilla MVC, go for it. If VIPER fits better, that’s fine too!

My only caution about VIPER is I’ve seen development teams abuse this pattern… that is, if it’s not right, it’s okay to say “Nope, it doesn’t work for this project.”

For example, in smaller, short-lived projects, VIPER may be overkill.

For larger projects with bigger teams, especially when complete testing is a must, I can see it being beneficial…

Personally, I haven’t found a great fit for it in my apps so far, but that’s just my projects. Yours could be different.

Use what works for your projects. :]

Hey! :slight_smile:, maybe late in here…

But this is an old course, should it be beneficial to take this course before the new one Fundamental iOS Patterns or should I go with the new one.

This because the starter project is not updated for Xcode 11.6 :frowning:


@fdorado985 Please check out the latest versions of the video courses when you get a chance:




I hope they all help!

It really does! Thanks a lot @shogunkaramazov :smiley:

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