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New Course: Beginning iOS 10 Part 2 – Checklists

In this course for complete beginners to iOS development, you'll learn how to create your second complete iOS app: a simple checklists app.

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Awesome! I finished the book for this course a few months back. Is there anything in this video series that the book doesn’t cover? I might watch some of it for a refresher!

This is more of a condensed refresher of the book. It’s definitely helpful to shore up any topics that you may feel weak, but there shouldn’t be anything completely new to you.


Hi Brian,

Thought you would like to know that at the top of page 4 of the “challenge.pdf” in the source download I am pretty sure there was meant to be a warning message shown. It is not there, it does go into explanation of the warning just no image of it. Hope this helps.


Thanks for the heads up!

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