Networking with URLSession - Part 4: URLSession | Ray Wenderlich

Learn about REST and JSON, then create a URLSession data task that makes a GET request on a REST API, and parses the JSON URLResponse.

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The video does not work when I click play.
I do not know why…
Thanks for the training!


Video doesn’t work. :frowning:

I just bought a subscription specifically for this course.

hi! the web guy’s working on it; will hopefully work again soon!

pinging @joce too!

Awesome! RE the challenge rather than change the response var to let array in the do block and wrapping the JSONDictionary in an array here. I simple changed the JSONDictionary typealias to wrap the dictionary in an array like so… typealias JSONDictionary = [[String: Any]] in other words an array of dictionary with key of string and value of Any and mostly the code is the same albeit the urlString and Post object.

good thinking, Alex!

fortunately, we now have easy JSON en/decoding, which I use in the update to this course, coming very soon!