Networking with URLSession - Part 3: URLSession | Ray Wenderlich

The URLSession API has many moving parts: learn about URLSessionConfigurations, URLSessionTasks and delegates, and how they fit together.

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Hi, Audrey, happy to see you in another tutorial. :star_struck: I’ve got a tiny problem here: how to show the emoji panel just in where you’re inputing? I tried in Xcode with Edit->Emoji & Symbols and its shortcuts, but it just showed a separate window. Maybe it’s a dark magic? LOL.

anywhere in macOS, control-command-space opens the emoji picker :person_raising_hand:t2::grin:

is that what you mean?

No…not really. I mean when you’re typing, there’s just a pop window showing emojis exactly from where you’re typing.
I finally make it. There’s a I-don’t-know-its name button(its icon has a command) on the top-right of the complete emoji picker. Tap it, then each time I call the emoji picker, it would show wherever I was typing.
:relaxed: So interesting, and another tip gotten! :smiley:

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