Network Mom Cisco ACL Analyzer

I’m pleased to announce “Network Mom ACL Analyzer”: a MacOS Mojave app which analyzes Cisco access-lists (firewall rules) for network engineers. It currently supports IPv4 Cisco IOS and ASA access-lists.

The app has two main functions:

  1. It reviews the access-list configuration for errors.
  2. It analyzes TCP or UDP sockets to determine if the access-list configuration will permit or deny that network traffic.

Companies are naturally nervous about putting their firewall rules in an application. This app uses Apple’s app sandbox feature to protect the data. The app is not allowed to initiate or receive network connections.


My thanks to for their help in advancing my programming skills to the point where I can make useful apps for my fellow network engineers.

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@darrellr Congratulations and keep up the good work! :]

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