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Ok! So I have successfully and continuously failed to learn swift and ios development. I need a tutorial exercise based learning path. I understand…well I obviously dont understand anything. Can Someone get me pointed in the right direction. I have a lot of fun app ideas and i can not bring them to life. Need some help. I learn by DOING and watching, I enjoy reading to get the finer understanding but I need the repetition of labs that build on one another. Need help, need direction. Does anyone here have a solid path to success taht a silly newbie can follow?

@carverparkes If you prefer learning from books, start with the Swift Apprentice to learn Swift:

and then move on to the iOS Apprentice to learn to build apps:

If you prefer learning from videos, follow our learning path for beginners:

I hope it helps!

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Hi @carverparkes, to add to what Cosmin posted, i’d recommend this free video course called “Your First iOS App” -
You could visually follow along and it covers quite a bit like: swift basics, iOS ecosystem, variables, UI (user interface), saving data, and much more.


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