Need help with an Alamofire "proof of concept"

I am trying to create a first “proof of concept” piece of code using Alamofire, which I would then be able to adapt for other projects. My frustration is that as the Swift language has matured, and new versions of Alamofire are released, and as different people have different approaches to making REST calls, I can’t come up with a clean, concise piece of code that has all the bells and whistles I would need.

What I need:

  • make a REST call to a server;
  • using POST;
  • pass several key/value pairs in the form body;
  • retrieve data in an XML format;
  • parse the XML into an object, and return the object;
  • use all the best techniques supported by the latest version of Alamofire

I’ve done this in Perl, PHP, jQuery, etc, but am still trying to do these above things all at once, and in a clean set of code. Anybody willing to help get me started? Thx,