Need help for purchasing the pdf/epub version!

Purchased the pdf version of the book but it says the product order is awaiting authorization!
Received mail from puddle and it says it will take a few hours to manually review the purchase but it has been 1 day.
FYI: 59.99$ has already been deducted from my bank.

Screenshot at Nov 13 14-47-59

@katiecollins Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]


I’m sorry about this :[ I’ve just seen your message you’ve sent to and sent a reply to you. The gist of it is Paddle is our payment provider who handle these issues so I’ve written to Paddle and cc’d you asking them about this order. Hopefully they’ll be back in touch shortly about this.

Apologies once again for the inconvenience here.

cc @shogunkaramazov

Thank you very much for your response. I have got your email reply too.
Hopefully, the issue will be resolved soon.



Thank you very much for your response.

I have just received a purchase invoice and got access to the book.

The issue has been resolved.

Thank you very much for your support.

No problem at all - I’m glad it’s been resolved :]