MyLocations pg. 221: Can't drag Image View to Add Photo cell

The tutorial is pretty clear that I must add an Image View in the Add Photo cell. But, the problem I’m running into is when I click and drag the Image View to the Add Photo cell, it won’t allow me to drop it on the cell.

Should I make the cell bigger to accept the Image View, or can I make the Image View smaller so it’ll fit in the cell?

This is an Xcode 8 bug. :frowning: Try dropping the Image View into the Content View of the cell, in the document outline pane on the left.

It worked. I finally got it to go on the storyboard. But, it won’t stick on the Add Photo cell.

How do you also select the Add Photo label? It doesn’t seem to be selectable on storyboard nor can you see it on the outline pane. Thank in advance!

If you can’t select the Add Photo label, then are you sure this is a Custom table view cell (instead of Default)?

If it is a Custom cell, then you should be able to drag the Image View into the Content View of Table View Cell (you may need to click the little triangle in front of Table View Cell in order to reveal the Content View).

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I added the Image View to the outline pane instead of dropping it on the storyboard. Thanks!