MyLocations - p.174 ... Issue with address label

I’m on page 174 for the MyLocations tutorial and I am unable to get the GPS coordinates to show in the Address Label when there is no placemark. I quadruple-checked the code and outlet connections and everything is right. In fact, the Description Label is properly showing (No Description) if no description was added when the location was tagged. Has anyone else dealt with this issue? Does anyone know of a fix?

You didn’t mention if showing the address when there is a placemark works. Does that work? If so, it is not the outlet connection to the label.

When there IS a placemark, the address DOES show in the label. There are no warnings or errors in the code and I have the code typed exactly as shown in the book/pdf. I haven’t tested on an actual device yet, so perhaps it is just an issue with the simulator.

If you run the code that comes with the book, does it work then?

I’m ONLY running the code that comes with the book/pdf. Just to be clear, if an actual address (placemark) was found based on the coordinates then the address label correctly shows the address. However, if there is no address found, then the book says that the address label in the tableview should show the coordinates instead. Unfortunately, it does not.

If I do not enter a description when I tag a new location, then the description label in the tableview should say “(No Description)”. Fortunately, it does.